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13th-14th April 2024 - in TOTNES

Developing Touch Communication 

Skills that Celebrate Life


Are you interested in learning a new way of working with touch that
resources you as a practitioner? If so, you are welcome to join.

 Monthly Sei-ki-Touch Support Group 
  for Manual Practitioners and Therapists  

(e.g: Shiatsu, Alexander, Massage, Seiki, Reiki, Bowen, Cranio-Sacral, etc)

with Daniela Coronelli FwSS, BAMBA Mindfulness Trainer
Bridgetown, Totnes, Devon
on the 2nd
 Thursday of each month (4.00pm-6.00pm)
Next Mee
ting on 14th March 2024
Advanced bookin
g necessary
Cost: £20 (first visit - to see if this group is for you),
Then £58 for 3 consecutive sessions or £108 for 6
HOW TO BOOK & PAY (click)

The aim of this on-going group is to resource manual therapists and
practitioners in their professional work by introducing them to Sei-ki-Shiatsu
Touch. It is a modality of touch and of Ki-aligning practices that support both
giver & receiver at their core; that encourages feelings of embodied presence
and compassion as well as inviting deep changes to take place through
resonance with clients.

The group started meeting in January 2018 at the Totnes Natural Health
Centre, and now meets in Bridgetown, Totnes, in an accessible location, and it can count towards your C.P.D. (Continuous Professional Development).
It is a lively, friendly and supportive group that has welcomed a variety of interested
& committed practitioners over the years, from Shiatsu to Massage, Cranio-Sacral, Alexander and more .

Each session has a theme which helps to enhance an aspect of touch
communication. It opens with a relevant meditation and Ki-aligning
movements. There is a space for demonstration, peer-swaps and feedback, as
well as homework in between sessions, to allow for integration.

To join please email Daniela Coronelli:   EcoLW

Although Sei-ki-Touch is deeply rooted in the Shiatsu method and philosophy,
no shiatsu training is needed for those who would like to learn it and integrate
it in their health practice. Therapists that have integrated Sei-ki in their practice
report feeling less fatigued when working with clients, that their work remains alive – not routine-like and they are happier with the way they hold the therapeutic space.

“For practitioners and therapists who enjoy learning and integrating Sei-ki-Touch in their practice and would like to develop this method further, there will opportunities to attend more in-depth weekend workshops in the forthcoming year”.
~ Daniela Coronelli

The group facilitator, is a Sei
-ki-Shiatsu Therapist and Teacher as well as a Registered
Mindfulness and Amerta Somatic Movement Trainer. She has a passion to share the benefits that Sei-ki-Touch brought to her practice and to the many practitioners who embraced this way of working and relating to clients, starting with the deep sense of ease and integrity that this method offers. She has been facilitating Sei-ki-Shiatsu and Mindfulness courses as a health intervention in Shiatsu schools, education and health centres in the South West for many years. After graduating as a Shiatsu Teacher of the Shiatsu Society in the UK, she studied long-term with Akinobu Kishi, the founder of the Sei-ki-Touch Way.

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