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This BBC video demonstrates what Forest Bathing is:

This BBC video expands further on the evidence:

For people whom identify themselves as sensitive, Forest and Nature Immersions serve as an optimal soothing form of self-care as well as a remedy to ground any physical and emotional overload they may often experience.


All the proven benefits of regular forest and nature exposure, involving reduced stress and fatigue, and improved mood and sense of happiness, are especially relevant to those who frequently have to live with an overburdened nervous system.


Moreover, it has been shown that sensitive people, because of the particular way their brain processes information, find it considerably easy and restorative to connect with nature and appreciate its patterns, cycles and rhythms.

My own interest in working with and supporting Sensitive People's well-being, through Mindfulness in Nature and Forest Bathing, is because I am a sensitive person and have a heart-felt understanding of what is like to live with sensitivity in an insensitive and productivity-obsessed world.


Since my childhood, growing up in Italy, I have often taken refuge in woodlands and other natural habitats to be in the quietness of my own company and to enjoy the wonder of nature’s presence. Over the years, I have learned to deeply appreciate the sanctuary, the creativity and the sense of spirituality the natural habitat offers to people like us.

In Spring 2022, in partnership with ‘Nature & Therapy, UK’ and the ‘Woodland Presents C.I.C.’, we carried out short-term research, in North Woods near Totnes, Devon on Forest Bathing and Sensitivity, with a group of six people who viewed themselves as sensitives. Here are the results of the research:
Forest Bathing & Sensitivity

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Please Note:

16th June Walk will be near Brixham
21st July Walk will be near Buckfastleigh

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“I enjoyed increased resilience during the weeks after the walks,   a sense of belonging to the forest and the forest belonging to me. I felt more grounded and at home on the earth in Devon.    An increased sense of community too, with other participants and the forest"Henry

“I felt nourished, connected, more alive and awake ... It was lovely to be in a supported, led, group and a group field where I could just let go into an experience which I felt has left an imprint and opened an invitation” ~ David

“I have never experienced being guided by a facilitator who was aware of how I might be experiencing the forest or that I may have different needs, as a sensitive person. I felt there was a balance of being left to explore and invitations being offered. It all felt very safe and comfortable with Daniela and the group” ~ Nicky

"I seem to be carrying the sense of forest when I am not physically there. The sense of peace that being in the forest brings and the attunement to the sounds of the natural world, seem to have been awoken even more than they were before" ~ Roly


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