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THE SEI-KI APPROACH to working with people through touch is simple and transformative. It trains the practitioner and the client to deepen their sensitivity and ability to make contact in non-habitual ways. It demonstrates how to put aside body-work theories and routine techniques and to develop an embodied presence, observational awareness of where touch is needed and an approach to engage with the receiver by feeling and resonant communication.

DEEPLY ROOTED in the Shiatsu and the Japanese Shinto healing practices and philosophical traditions, Sei-ki is a practical and rewarding touch-based method with a clear therapeutic effect. In essence it guides the ability to release one’s physical and emotional distortions, to live with, and connect to others with open heart, in resonance.

SEI-KI was originally founded by Akinobu Kishi, with whom Daniela worked extensively in the UK, Europe and Japan.
More about Kishi here:


During the week-end you will be invited to practice and expand your “under-standing” of:

  • KI- sensitivity through breathing and Sei-Ki specific release methods

  • What Sei-Ki touch is, its therapeutic effect and background philosophy

  • How Sei-Ki can resource you, the practitioner, and your way of working

  • Moving away from ideas of diagnosing or trying to fix

  • The quality and effectiveness of hands-on contact informed by a resonant heart feeling with the receiver

During the two days’ workshop there will be facilitator’s demonstrations of Sei-Ki touch on participants, Sei-ki bodywork exchanges in pairs & in groups and as well as feedback opportunities, playful and poetic interludes.

Please note:  A level of physical flexibility is necessary to participate in the above course as the Sei-Ki exchanges in pairs take place at floor level on padded mats. At other times, during group sharing or when performing exercises, chairs are available for everyone.

Sei-Ki is looking into human nature and seeing things as they are. If you are attached

to things or goals, beyond attachment you will be serene


~ Akinobu Kishi

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