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Mindful Living in a Frantic World Sustainable Wellness

 8-week group training in person and 1 to 1 online 


“Meditation is not evasion;

it is a serene encounter with reality”

~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Who is the course for?  

For anyone over 18 who is finding it hard to keep up with the demands of these complex times and would like to have a compass to guide them from states of over-stressful and tiresome reactivity to a calmer, more balanced and motivated position of being and participating in the world. The training is also suitable for people who are new to Mindfulness and would like to explore it in a structured way, as well as for those who have completed an 8-week mindfulness course with any provider a while back, and wish to refresh and practice their skills.

Please note: This course is not suitable if you are currently going through episodes of acute mental-health disturbances, as it would be difficult for you to take advantage of its effects (see F.A.Qs)

How can this course be of benefit to me?

By guiding you to:

  • Learn mindfulness strategies and a variety of meditation practices, using the breath and the body as anchors for being more present and grounded in your experience

  • Improve focus and appreciate more fully life’s enjoyable moments and improve quality of life.

  • Self-regulate moods and emotions so that you can create a pause when responding to challenging situations rather than entering a reactive and exhausting cycle.

  • Learn how and the rewards of relating to yourself and those around you from a friendlier and more compassionate stance.

  • Cultivate more mindful communication, connections and relationships

  • Build a set of practical life skills for living and performing well, for growing resilience and participating more fully in life.

About the course

The 8-week course proposed here is a validated evidence-based programme drawn from the Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) and the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) successful curricula. It has been developed by the Oxford Mindfulness Centre for its efficacy, accessibility and for being of practical use. The structure of the course will follow the outline of the bestselling book 'Mindfulness: A Guide to Finding Peace in a Frantic World', co-authored by Mark Williams and it includes:

  • A pre-course orientation session via phone

  • 8-week course

  • Weekly sessions of 90 mins*

  • Daily home practice of 20 mins, to complete between sessions (supported by the audio CD that accompanies the book*)

  • ‘Habit Releasers’ encourage you to break some of the unconscious habits of thinking and behaving that stop you from living life to the full

  • Email support with your home practice in between sessions

  • Guidance from a qualified & seasoned teacher

  • Additional support during the weekly sessions from the course assistant

  • Access to the course app below for people who would like to receive the course meditations from their mobile (optional)


* The 90 mins sessions include a mix of theory, practice, discussion and enquiry

Please Note: Participants on this course purchase their own copy of the book prior to the first session (see below) widely available online and from bookshops


Course Fee

Regular Price: £ 130 (+course book £12) when booked & paid by 26 January (closing date for booking)

Sponsor Price: £160 or more if you can pay (+course book £12), to sponsor someone on lower income Reduced/Concessionary price:  £100 (+course book £12) for those on benefits or genuinely unable to afford the full price Instalments?


For companies or organizations fees, please ask


A limited number of places at concessionary rates are available on each course for those receiving benefits. Please apply early, as these places are quickly filled. 

You may also ask your employer if they can pay all or part of the course fees, as it has been proven to have a positive and “productive” impact on your working life.

How to book and pay

After letting us know your intention to join, to book please download the booking form here (click) and return it to us completed via email at together with the deposit or the full fee, payable by bank transfer (click for details). A deposit of £65 is required, to confirm your place. The balance is required 5 days before the starting date of the course. Cancellation Policy (see below)


On the booking form, you are asked to complete a brief personal history questionnaire, and a follow-up call may be arranged.

If during this call there is a mutual decision that the course isn't currently suitable, a full refund will be given.


Once you have booked on the course, please purchase your own copy of the course book (see below), available on line and from bookshops.

Preparing for the course

To prepare for the course, participants are asked to read the first 4 chapters of the book prior to week one. These chapters provide a thorough introduction and a detailed overview of the whole course.

Course formats available

Currently we are offering one format of this course in Totnes in person:

- 8-week afternoon course on Friday afternoons.

- For online 1-2-1 training, timings are arranged on an individual basis

Testimonials  (click)


Cancellation Policy

If you have to cancel the course, please inform us 8 days before the event starts. The fee you have paid will be refunded less £20.00 admin fee. We are not able to refund any fees for cancellations received within 8 days of the event starting, unless you can find another participant to take your place. Cancellations should be made by email to:

For more information

Please see F.A.Q (click) or/and contact us.


Telephone: 01803-862653 or 07941-841555


Finding Peace ....jpg

With the Mindful Living & Sustainable Wellness training you have access to effective mindfulness pathways and meditation practices to help you to deal with the complexity and the pace of modern life, within a supportive group setting. Without promising to provide a quick fix, in the course you will be introduced to simple and powerful life skills for discontinuing the cycles of stress, anxiety and tiredness; become more resilient, calmer and motivated.


The training aims to guide you to progressively integrate mindfulness in all aspects of your life, giving you more choice on how to respond to and manage well (or better) the challenging situations you may encounter. Here you can explore how it is possible to manage repetitive, unhelpful feelings and thoughts in response to stressful situations and how to practically sustain well-being and enjoyment of life.

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