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“I found the course very valuable to understand that I am not alone and that there is a better way to approach having pain”

“The course supported me to be aware and accept where I am with my pain and this in turn helped to connect to myself and others”.

“Daniela has a loving and accepting personality and was truly able to connect with everyone in the group”

“Over the eight weeks, the course helped me to open the “magic door” of acceptance and self-compassion” 


“It was great to discover how the meditations helped to let go of being swamped by negative thinking. This helped me to relax feeling anxious about everything, especially at night”


“Daniela is a very clear teacher, has a good pace and is very compassionate. I felt supported and inspired to integrate the meditations at home”


“Learning how to use the breath as a tool to connect with the pain, and to alleviate the effects, has done wonders for me. Thank you”



“I have really enjoyed the course; I can let go of my negative thinking much easier and my family tells me I am much better to get on with. Thank you so much”


“The course was well-structured and paced with plenty of personal and group support. I would certainly recommend it”


“I found practicing the meditations at home really made a difference to my mood. I feel more positive, calmer and take less pain killers. I found the course helped me to get in touch again with the joy of small things”


“Difficulties come with life, what is optional is how I react to them. I wrote down to remind myself: how the spirit in which I do things, the way I look at what comes to me determines the way I feel about them”


"The course helped me to feel there is an option to lead a different, more positive, life. I felt at ease with Daniela. I liked her patience and how she really listened to what I had to say. I felt she had an understanding of what we may be going through"

~ Rosie

Self-Employed Nutritionist -seeking relief from stress with her work and at home, raising two toddlers.


"I found the course hugely beneficial. I am able to notice more, to be more accepting and to give myself permission to slow down. Good value for money and Daniela had a calming, interested and caring attitude to all participants"

~ Jen

Clerk, interested in Mindfulness as a way of creating time for herself and reducing stress.


"I was already familiar with mindfulness practice and have attended several Vipassana retreats over the years, yet the course has helped to extend and consolidate my existing practice. Sharing the experiences with others in the group was formative and rewarding. Daniela has a wealth of experience, which shone through the sessions. I would like to recommend this course to all seeking to discover and cultivate awareness".

~ James

Teacher -planning to teach Mindfulness to children.

"I now have ideas and tools to help me to respond rather than to react. Most usefully, a way of dealing with difficult thoughts and a motivation to focus on pleasant experiences and on kindness. I have enjoyed this extremely helpful course; it has been a privilege to attend".

~ Carole

Retired university teacher - wanting to have a more positive approach to life’s difficulties.


"I received something from the course that has deeply changed me. It gave me permission for self-compassion and kindness to self. I can now take time to respond instead of reacting on emotions. The course was very good value for money and Daniela facilitated the course with a calm and compassionate stance, being friendly and approachable".

~ Dawn

Counsellor from Paignton, wanting to manage anxiety better.


"I have learnt a great deal form the course. With the body scan I can now listen to my body and act before the pain escalates. I am enjoying going mindfully through the day, being in the moment, rather than rushing around multi-tasking and getting frazzled. I have plenty of tools to calm the reaction to what is not going my way. The course was carefully and cleverly put together and very well delivered. Thank you very much!"

~ Rachel

NHS Nurse. Recommended by NHS to attend the course for managing Chronic Pain.


"I now have the knowledge. I can choose how to respond to thoughts and emotions and have the means to improve my ability to do this. Daniela has a wealth of experience and knowledge on the subject and has really helped me".

~ Stephen

Software Developer - Seeking help to deal with sleeplessness and lack of concentration.


"I now have more clarity on how to step back from unwanted thoughts and I no longer feel the compulsion to entertain continuous thoughts and also enjoy a deeper level of meditation. The course format is very well-structured, allowing participants to move smoothly along this journey".

~ Colin

Company Director - wanting to reduce repetitive thoughts and stress.


"I have learnt to allow kindness to self. I feel regularly in a fight or flight state and I have learnt the value and the power of taking control using mindfulness to remove myself from this state and to just be, feeling a sense of peace and safety. Daniela is a passionate and inspiring lady who clearly lives and breathes mindfulness"

~ Michelle

Office Manager & Trainee Counsellor - Seeking relief from chronic stress and anxiety.

"I can now notice that thoughts, especially difficult ones, are not necessary true. Meditating regularly has been very useful when dealing with unwanted experiences. The course was indeed very good value for money and it was delivered in a caring and highly professional manner".

~ Marilyn

Retired teacher - Wanted help to stop dwelling in the past.

"Integrating the mindfulness in daily life practices and letting in the good, is life-changing - a way of seeing things differently, including how I approach them. I now can choose not to get stressed when I go through challenging experiences. Thank you - an amazingly helpful, beneficial and interesting course".

~ Tristan

Planning to train as Breathworks Mindfulness teacher and wanting to manage stress better.


"I feel more present and grateful for where I am. I enjoy feeling compassion towards my experience of chronic pain and more ready to extend compassion to people around me. The anxiety I felt about the state of the world has changed and I feel more stable inside"

~ Angie

Not working - seeking support with anxiety and pain management.

“I very much appreciated the online course went on for 8 weeks, it was the right length of time for me to change my old habits and integrate the mindfulness practices, it is like training at the gym, you may feel like is too much, but when I keep at it, I can feel the benefits. It takes effort but it’s worth it. On a practical note, I found the course was organised and facilitated well and it was easy to motivate myself to follow the practices. ~ ​Mike

Care-Home Manager - Wanting to manage better anxiety at work.


"I am able to relax with mindfulness, and I have not been able to do so for many years. I can accept myself and the pain I am feeling. I no longer need to beat myself up all the time. Really enjoyed the course and found it very helpful. The daily meditations are a good resource for me"

~ Lyn

Retired, -seeking support with stress and anxiety about travel sickness and chronic pain.


“I found the online 8-week course very beneficial in many respects. It helped me to find the joy of life. When I go for a walk now, I can feel my feet walking on the ground and take in the flowers, the sky, notice the smells and am aware of the birds’ songs. Before the course it was not like this. I did not make time for any of that. It helped me to listen to my senses not just my thoughts and preoccupations. A big thank you”
~ Graham

(Entrepreneur & Accountant) - Wanting to manage stress and irritability.

Great course and good value for money. Taking away with me the Mindfulness in action and letting in the good feels’ life changing: a way of seeing things and approaching them differently. I am ready to let go of my reaction to stress.

~ Stefan
Mindfulness Teacher in training.

I found the 8-week course very well-structured and taught. I found all the meditations helpful. I am able to befriend “unwanted thoughts” and be more at peace which feels good.

Anne R Farmer

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