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‘Eco Life Wellness’ was born out of two previous expressions of Daniela Coronelli’s work: ‘Life Healing Arts’ and ‘Mindfulness4Wellness’. Following the disruptive Covid period, a new vision for Daniela’s work began to take shape, along with her partner, Roy Whenary. One vision, and one website began to evolve out of this:


To counter the excesses of the Capitalist system, we now need an expansion of Community Wellbeing initiatives and Co-operation in all things. There is a need to create and adopt an Ecology of Body and Mind, where people live a more Mindful lifestyle, following the rhythms and cycles of nature, rather than merely chasing a dream of wealth and separation.


There is a need to clear all those egocentric, materialistic, contracted emotions, of the grasping mind, to embrace a more inclusive, holistic and expansive state of mind. There is a need to move from the utilitarian head-space back into the heart.


‘Eco Life Wellness’ offers education and guidance towards adopting an “Ecology of Body & Mind”. The separation of body and mind has created a disconnection with our personal ‘Eco-system’, such that we seem to have lost our ability to give attention to our own wellbeing. This has led to widespread disintegrating health due to poor eating habits, a lack of self-nurturing behaviour and to the pursuit of ephemeral interests.


The more sensitive among us are often the first to notice, and suffer, as they find themselves at odds with pollution, excessive noise, speed and the lack of environmental awareness. As individuals, we need to be mindful and more respectful of the larger Eco-system, within which we take our place. Merely copying the past and applying patches to it, is now not enough There needs to be a lessening of the identification with what we call “I”, and more a dedication towards the community, the health and balance of the whole, rather than giving excessive focus on the individual, the separated ego-self.


So, at ‘Eco Life Wellness’, we will be offering One-to-One sessions and courses, alongside group trainings, many of which will take place in nature, which is always a mirror to our inner lives. Over the years, our community has included all those who have attended our individual and group sessions, courses and other trainings, along with our own teachers and their communities - teachers like Suprapto Suryodarmo (Amerta Movement), Sonia Moriceau (Healing Shiatsu) and Akinobu Kishi (Sei-ki). In the spirit of their selfless service to humanity, we invite you to be supported by, and to support, us, in a shared quest for unity and wellbeing.



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