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Updated: Dec 23, 2022

Here at the iron fort in North Wood

remembering the shortest day of the year

in the cathedral of Sequoia trees.

A dancing Robin, Crows cawing,

a Squirrel leaping forward keep company

in this sacred dark hall.

Lighting a candle and three sticks of myrrh incense

on a tree stump, now a composition of moss,

fallen leaves and crawling life.

It is the perfect place to say thank you to this wood

for the silence, the beauty and the shelter it offered us

during the year of forest bathing

with beautiful people coming to be

in the tall forest hub: walking, lying, singing, playing

sitting in meditation, making offerings.

Like this offering today,

around the candle, brown chestnut leaves

each leaf a letting go within this year.

The loss of dear Prapto’s presence on Earth,

of being able to walk less,

the loss of many lives in wars,

of a plan close to the heart,

of friendships moving on,

of climate change.

Like the bare trees here learning to let the leaves shed,

allowing frost, rain and wind to touch the bare skin,

being close to loss, allowing the tears, nursing the pain

as surrendering is the deeper breath, the release

and the mulch for fresh growth.

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