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Hi There,

My name is Daniela Coronelli and I am passionate about working with people who view themselves as sensitives - to help them consider their sensitivity as an asset, rather than a burden. Being a sensitive person myself, my life journey into embodied transformation has liberated me from the trance of being a victim of my sensitivity and from the feeling that no matter what I offered to the world, it was never enough.

I enjoy accompanying people through their journey of liberation from what it can often feel is a very lonely place, where people, even close ones, do not know how to respond to our “unusual” needs.

As a therapist and a facilitator over several decades, I have noticed how embodied transformation, through skilled touch communication, meditation training, nature exposure and somatic movement can be a life-enhancing resource to us sensitives. It helps to unravel our limiting conditioning, to reconnect with that part of ourselves that is already whole, inclusive and full of innate potential.

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Roslyn Langdon
Roslyn Langdon

Lovely to read what you are offering, Daniela! Ros.

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