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In my work I aim to embody the qualities of mindfulness, compassion and somatic practices. From experience I have found lasting recovery happens best when we are held in a space that is open, allowing and non-judgemental. This reflect those qualities and at the same frees us to being who we are. For some, being welcomed into this space initiates the healing that is needed.

For others, I will guide you to look at ways you can feel ready to release the tension or the holding that is creating the pain or the limiting symptoms. So that you can be well in your body and yourself again. Often what impedes the flow, is the armour we have built over the years to protect us from the world. When the armour gets too tight, contraction happens, the breathing gets shallow, tissues stiffen up, attitudes narrow.

The work I offer sensitively invites you to expand again, to trust your intuition and to actively participate in life natural healing process. In response to the condition, you bring with you when you come to work with me and your unique capacity for recovery, I integrate one or more skills I have trained in, drawing from the wisdom of somatic and cognitive based modalities.


My work is trauma sensitive and informed. The practices and invitations I use can be customised to best suit your needs to feel well and to self-regulate.

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