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Initial consultation, one off (up to 75 mins): £55  
includes the taking of your health/lifestyle history,

initial assessment and a full session

Follow-up (up to 60mins): £45 

includes a full session, customised recommendations

and/or relevant customised exercises

Evening appointments from 5.30pm: £55 

Up to 30mins Shiatsu sessions: £30 

In these sessions, the main focus is on relaxation & well-being

6 full sessions paid in advance: £270 

Online sessions on Zoom, Whatsapp or Phone

 Distance Healing Seiki-Shiatsu 

Initial consultation (up to 70mins): £55

Follow-up (up to 60mins): £45

Gift Vouchers on request


There are a limited number of concessions available, for those on benefits or low income.

For more information about these, please contact Daniela on:


One to One combined "Mindfulness for Stress and/or Pain Management" & Seiki-Shiatsu: £70

Includes Mindfulness Coaching (60mins) followed by Shiatsu (30mins), rarely offered in this combination  to support you to integrate fully in your body the processing of difficult emotions, moods and/or recurring fastidious thoughts


Missed appointments and/or cancellations with less than 48 hours notice may be charged in full

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