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Presently, I run an established part-time Shiatsu & Sei-ki practice in Totnes, Devon, UK, where I live.

  • Since post-covid, I have been providing Shiatsu & Sei-ki Touch sessions from home where I have a dedicated room. I have also been giving online distance Healing-Shiatsu sessions, to support clients who cannot attend my practice.

  • After graduating as a Healing-Shiatsu therapist in 1988, I have been offering Shiatsu and Sei-ki Touch from home and from various health centres:

  • Totnes Natural Health Centre, Totnes Devon (2015-2020)

  • Totnes Home address, where alongside Shiatsu & Sei-ki I worked as Reiki Healer (2004-2015)

  • Arcturus Clinic, Totnes (2001-2004)

  • Bovey Tracey and Totnes home addresses (2000-2003)

  • Westbury on Trym, Bristol, Residential Home for young adults living with Autism (1996-1999)

  • Hereford Health Centre, Herefordshire (1992-1999)

  • Centre for Whole Health & home address (1991-1999) Bedminster, Bristol, UK



In developing and researching Shiatsu & Sei-ki touch, I am deeply grateful to have worked with outstanding teachers of these fields, like Sonia Moriceau, Cliff Andrews, Akinobu and Kyoko Kishi and Alice Whieldon.


  • Recent years annually continuing Professional Development (C.P.D): Developing resonance & empathy in touch; application of Polyvagal theory during stress and trauma; trauma sensitive touch and distance Healing-Shiatsu. Courses took place in the UK, Italy and, during covid and post-covid, online. (2018-current).

  • Annual C.P.D (1991-2017)

Sei-ki touch residential courses; postural alignment; Qigong applied to Shiatsu; diaphragmatic breathing & somatic movement; pregnancy and post-natal, shiatsu & chronic pain, mindfulness and the therapeutic space; Reiki-Healing & the chakras; macrobiotic nutrition & shiatsu; shiatsu & the chakras; Shiatsu and Amerta Movement; application of 5 Element Theory: psychology & diagnosis. Zen Shiatsu psychology and oriental diagnosis; weekly and monthly peer-group practice meetings. Courses took place in the UK, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Indonesia and Japan.

  • Healing-Shiatsu Diploma three years training (1985-1988)

Healing-Shiatsu Education Centre, Hereford, UK. Healing-Shiatsu is a style of Shiatsu that integrates the therapeutic aspects of Mindfulness to Shiatsu. School director and main teacher: Sonia Moriceau.


  • Sei-ki Touch Accreditation Certificate, Ayabe City, Japan - from Kyoko & Akinobu Kishi, the founder of Sei-ki (2005)


  • INALPTA Neuro Linguistic Programming Diploma (2004) - Cheltenham, UK

  • Training Changes Certificate of Hypnosis (2004) Cheltenham, UK

  • Certificate in Reiki Healing to level 2 (2001)

with Reiki teacher, Abbi Ross, Newton Abbot, Devon, UK


  • Registration as a Member of the Shiatsu Society (1993)

by exam, Bristol, UK


  • Healing-Shiatsu Diploma (1988), Healing-Shiatsu Education Centre, Hereford, UK




  • Currently guides a Sei-ki-touch Group, classes & courses for Shiatsu and touch-based therapists in Totnes and preparing to re-start running a new annual programme of Sei-ki courses.

  • Facilitates an independent annual programme of Sei-ki-touch weekend courses in the South West, UK for Shiatsu, Touch-based therapists and people interested in learning Sei-ki (2011-2020)


  • Member of the Shiatsu Society Assessment Panel to assess Shiatsu practitioners to be registered as Society members. (2002-2011)


  • Co-facilitator of an annual programme of weekend courses integrating Sei-ki Touch, Amerta Movement and Mindfulness Meditation to interested groups called “Touching the Now”, Dartington (2009-2011)


  • Part-time visiting teacher at Psycheros Shiatsu and Oriental Medicine Centre, Prato, Italy (2007-2009)


  • Part-time visiting teacher at the Bristol School of Shiatsu (2005-2008)


  • Part-time main shiatsu teacher at the Devon School of Shiatsu Totnes, Devon UK (2002-2008)


  • Part-time Shiatsu and Stress Management Teacher in Adult Education & Health-Care Establishments, in Bristol and Devon, UK (1995-2004)


  • Assistant Teacher at the Healing-Shiatsu Education Centre, Hereford, UK (1988-1991)



  • Shiatsu and Sei-ki Touch C.P.D teacher level courses (2010-Current)

  • Post-graduate training in Shiatsu Education - Shiatsu College, Norwich, UK (2007-2009)

  • Reiki Teacher - training level 3 & 4, Newton Abbot, Devon, UK (2001-2002)

  • Training to be a Shiatsu Teacher, Shiatsu College, Bristol, UK (1997)

  • Adult Education Teacher training, Bristol, UK (1996)


  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Shiatsu Education- PGDSE, Shiatsu College, Norwich, UK (2009)

  • Amerta Movement Teacher Training Certificate, (2008)

  • Reiki Teaching Certificate level 3 & 4, Newton Abbot, Devon, UK (2002)

  • Registered Member Teacher of the Shiatsu Society (1997)

  • Shiatsu Teacher Certificate, Shiatsu College, Bristol (1997)

  • Adult Education Teacher Certificate, Bristol 1996





  •  Forest & Nature Bathing Therapy Guide (2021-current).

Monthly guided walks for people who people who would like to calm their overactive minds with nature-based Mindfulness and for people who view themselves as sensitives. Walks take place in local forests and by the coast.


  • Breathworks Mindfulness based Stress & Health Management Tutor (2015-current).

I have been facilitating 8-week and 4-day courses for interested groups living with Stress, Pain and Anxiety. On average, the training has taken place three times per year in person, until 2020, and

online during and post-covid. I have also held introductory courses for individuals, interested groups and organizations, including N.H.S. Courses "in person" are normally run from the Totnes Natural Health Centre, Devon and from Dartington Space Studios, Dartington. Devon.


  • Co-Authored “Embodied Lives” book by Triarchy Press, 2014. In the “Echo of Life Chapter” I outline how Sei-ki Touch therapy, Amerta Movement and Mindfulness Meditation practices complement each other, in recognising and supporting holistic wellness.


  • Co-facilitator of “Touching the Now”, an annual programme of weekend courses for groups interested in self-care, awareness expansion and personal development. The courses integrated all three skills: Sei-ki Touch, Amerta Movement and Mindfulness Meditation - Dartington Studios, Dartington, Devon (2009-2011)




  • I have had on-going daily meditation and Amerta Movement practices since I first encountered these two modalities. I meet regularly on a monthly basis with a meditation peer group and weekly with a movement peer-group, to practice, share and develop various aspects of these practices.


  • Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness Course with David Treleaven Online (2021-2023)

  • International Forest Therapy Guide Training Course - Nature & Therapy, Ashburton, Devon, UK (2023)


  • Forest & Nature Bathing Practitioner Training Course - In person, with Nature & Therapy UK, Ashburton, Devon, UK (2021)

  • Registered member Teacher of BAMBA (British Association of Mindfulness-based Approach), UK (Since 2015)

  • Mindfulness Teacher training course in MPPM & MBSM (Mindfulness for Pain and Stress Management) - Breathworks C.I.C., Manchester, UK (2014-2015)


  • Post-graduate course in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, University of Exeter, Devon, UK   (2012-2013)


  • Amerta Movement Teacher C.P.D (Continuous Professional Development) - Attending 10 days residential summer courses - Amerta Movement School Director & Teacher: Suprapto Suryodarmo. Courses took place in the UK, Italy, Spain, Germany, Netherlands and Indonesia (2008-2019)


  • Amerta Movement Teacher Training. Joged Amerta Movement School Director & Teacher: Suprapto Suryodarmo. The psycho-somatic movement training started in 1993, in Solo, Indonesia, and has included full-time courses in Indonesia and part-time summer residentials throughout Europe when Suprapto came to teach in the UK, Italy, Spain, Germany, France and Netherlands - Padepokan Lemah Putih, Joged Amerta School, Solo, Indonesia (1993-2008)



  • Attending 5-day residential annual courses in Mindfulness Meditation. Teacher: Sonia Moriceau. Healing-Shiatsu Education Centre, Hereford, UK (1996-2007)


  • Attending 10-day residential courses and retreats twice a year in Satipatthana (The Way of Mindfulness) Resident Teacher: John Garrie Roshi. The Sati Society, Llandeilo, Wales, UK (1991-1996)


  • Courses and residential retreats in Tibetan Buddhist Meditation with the resident teacher and a number of visiting teachers. Resident Teacher: Geshe Damcho Yonten, Lam Rim Buddhist Centre, Wales and Bristol, UK (1985-1993)


  • Courses and residential retreats in Tibetan Buddhist Meditation, with the resident teacher and a number of visiting teachers. Resident Teacher: Geshe Namgyal Wangchen, Jamyang Buddhist Centre, London, UK (1980-1984)



  • Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Certificate, Online (2023)

  • International Forest Therapy Guide Diploma - Nature & Theraoy, UK (2023)

  • Forest & Nature Bathing Certificate - Nature & Therapy, UK (2021)

  • Post Graduate Certificate in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) Exeter University, Devon UK (2013)

  • Breathworks Mindfulness Based Pain (MBPM) and Stress Management (MBSM) - Manchester (2014)

  • Amerta Movement Teacher Training Certificate, Solo, Indonesia (2008)

  • INALPTA Neuro Linguistic Programming Diploma (2004) - Cheltenham, UK.

  • Training Changes Certificate of Hypnosis (2004) - Cheltenham, UK.

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