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When receiving Sei-ki you may experience different intensity of touch, through my hands. You may also sense various stages during the session: relaxing; becoming more conscious of the sensations or feelings unfolding in your body and in your condition; releasing tension and entering a deep sense of calm. The releasing stage is an essential step on the road to recovery; it may take the form of small involuntary twitches and movements, waves of heat or cold, yawning or sneezing, temporary achiness or a deeper breathing. These clearing after effects can last from one to three days, occasionally longer.

Clients have reported that receiving Sei-ki is a satisfying experience where they feel supported and deeply met.

(see Testimonials)

Fees £58 (up to 1hr session)
(Same fee for the initial session - up to1hr-20m)
£210 for a series of 4 sessions - £22 discount
£300 for a series of 6 sessions - £48 discount


To contact me, Phone / Email (to book a session):

07941 841555 /

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