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When I first met Kishi in 2003 during a Sei-ki residential in
Herefordshire I had already been giving and teaching shiatsu for
several years. Straight away I was so touched by his quality of touch,
presence, approach to people and health that I committed to studying Sei-ki. Later, with great enthusiasm and joy, I started giving

Sei-ki to clients, along-side Healing-Shiatsu. The organization I was part of at the time, invited him to run several residentials in Devon and in the South West. Since 2007, following a Sei-ki retreat in Japan, I have been enjoying facilitating an annual Sei-ki C.P.D. (continuous
professional development) programme of courses for body-workers,
shiatsu practitioners and those who have shown an active interest in
this method.

Sei-ki has been a major influence on western shiatsu and today. Kishi’s approach and vision continues to develop thanks to Kyoko, his wife and longstanding co-teacher, and the community of Sei-ki practitioners in the UK, Europe and beyond.

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