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  • To receive the session, you may choose to lie down or to sit in a comfortable place at home. Ideally in a peaceful place where you are not going to be disturbed for the hour.

  • Using a phone or what’s App I will call you twice, at the start of session to talk about what your key well-being concerns and afterwards to reflect on any changes and possible practical recommendations, like releasing exercises, meditations or changes of lifestyle you are invited to follow in your own time to complement the effects of the session. In between the calls I will work remotely with you for about 40-45 tuning into your body and energy system following a shiatsu-based framework, assessing and sending intentional healing where it is asked for. 

  • It is best not to eat a large meal or drink alcohol for 2 hours prior to the session. You may want to have access to drinking water for during and after the session and to a blanket, in case you need it.

From £40 (up to 1hour session)

To contact me, Phone / Email:

07941 841555 /

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