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Within the limits of my competence, whatever issues of physical pain or emotional upheaval you bring to the session, I welcome them and you unconditionally, as part of a wider picture that includes your lifestyle, ways of relating to your body, to your-self and to the world. Through observation, open questions and touch-communication, I offer through a customised way, for you to release the discomfort and to develop a willingness to listen and be with what arises in your body, so that you feel empowered to embrace what makes you well, centred and motivated in life.   

During a course of healing-shiatsu sessions, I may suggest and discuss together, certain tools for you to take home to further support your recovery and staying well. These may include simple tailored breathing or postural movements, soothing ways of doing self-shiatsu or meditative practices to complement the effects of the shiatsu in between sessions.

Healing-Shiatsu gradually empowers you to identify the lifestyle patterns that bring on discomfort, for you and to learn how to release them before they escalate.     


There is wide evidence to suggest it is often the way we resist or ignore

ill-health that makes us feel worse. By doing so, we disconnect from what we are experiencing in the body and try to resolve what is happening to us rationally, through problem-solving. While this a natural response, as no one likes to feel unwell, in the long-term we stop hearing the body’s warning messages and our health condition deteriorates. Frustration, self-blaming or fearing the worse, affect the breathing, harden the tissues, slow the blood circulation and ultimately subdue the self-regulating function of the nervous system. 

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