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Why choose Shiatsu & Mindful-Shiatsu?


These hands-on therapies aim to help your body and mind to work more efficiently together to re-align parts of your body that have become disconnected or have lost sensitivity, to ease out postural and internal tension thus improving your co-ordination and integration. They support your natural body and mind’s ability to return to balance when something makes you feel unwell.


Published research shows that Shiatsu is safe and effective in alleviating a wide range of conditions: (

from localised injuries to more general manifestations of physical and psychological ill-health, whilst having a re-vitalising effect on your overall health. Moreover they help to reduce medications, to deal with stress and improve quality of life.


During Mindful-Shiatsu sessions, the practitioner works together with you to guide awareness to the underlying source of your discomfort and to identify relevant customised exercises, meditations and movements which can help you to recover and transform what makes you stressed.


Mindful-Shiatsu also assists you to:

    * Strengthen the Immune System

    * Relieve tension and stiffness

    * Improve mood

    * Soothe and better manage chronic conditions

    * Enjoy restful sleep

    * Improve posture, breathing and movement co-ordination

    * Eliminate toxins and waste products more quickly

    * Increase pain tolerance and resilience to illness

    * Facilitate emotional and psychological stability

    * Increase level of energy and improve well-being and lifestyle

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