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How Does Seiki Work?


Seiki works to promote and recover health by supporting the self-balancing capacity our bodies and minds have (called ‘Ki’ in Seiki and Shiatsu, and ‘homeostasis’ in orthodox medicine) to return to a state of balance. There are continuous examples we can take from daily life, to observe how this self-regulating process occurs.


When we eat something bad, we feel sick and we respond by bringing it up. We suffer a loss and we process it by grieving. We catch a cold; our body temperature rises to eliminate the invading virus. Seiki supports this integral movement to remain active and functioning well. Its main aim is to help the receiver to gain more consciousness about their condition and needs, so that what causes the pain and the distress can be acknowledged, accepted and, whenever possible, released.


“Seiki therapy awakens the deep nature of a being: the body becomes more flexible and aware

When there is reciprocal trust between the practitioner and the client, the trust is reflected clearly in the way the client reveals areas of their body where Seiki is needed. This way of working wakes up the person’s essential nature and the effects can be clearly felt, mentally and emotionally. The body relaxes. Pain and abnormal sensations can be clearly felt, and all the body becomes more perceptive. The functions responsible for elimination become more active and, at a mental level, equilibrium between the body and the spirit is re-established” - Akinobu Kishi


Our bodies, in integration with neurological and emotional processes, normally let us know what we require to be alive and well, as they are designed to respond and to find a balance between our internal needs and external resources. However, often we do not pick up their signals as our thinking processes and mental plans take over. Work, social and cultural ways of being can also encourage suppression of sensory awareness which is frequently seen as an obstacle to performance.


Posture, breathing and ways of moving reflect how we feel think and act. Over the years they can become automated and habitual, limiting our capacity for renewal and laying the conditions for chronic diseases to set in. The Seiki practitioner can help you to recognise and release those habits that are making you tight, numb or stressed, facilitating your movement towards feeling whole again.

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