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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What happens during the session?


A Seiki session is carried out in full clothing, on a comfortable mattress, at floor level, and it lasts up to 45 minutes (more or less). Under the guidance and support of your Seiki practitioner, during a session you may go through different stages: relaxation, becoming more conscious of the sensations happening in your body and in your condition, release of tension and a deep sense of calm. This release is an important sign of change on the road to you feeling well again; it may take the form of involuntary twitches and movements, waves of heat or cold, yawning or sneezing, achiness or a deeper breath. Usually it lasts from one to three days, occasionally longer.


How many Seiki sessions do I need?


This cannot be set in stone, as it depends on the condition you bring to the session, and it varies from person to person. Seiki assists you to become more aware of your needs and where you are at in yourself. This often takes time and a degree of commitment. You are advised to commit to a series of five-six weekly sessions, as the effect of Seiki is cumulative.

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