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Can Seiki Help Me?

Maybe you would like to receive Seiki because you are experiencing physical pain and tension somewhere in your body, or perhaps you are feeling stressed about a challenging event/ situation in your life, or maybe you are experiencing a recurring difficult emotional or mental state. Whatever your condition, Seiki can offer you assistance to relax deeply and to receive what it is that you are experiencing in your body and in yourself.


Through mindfull attention of your condition and an empathic contact, the Seiki practitioner guides you to sense those areas of your body that are calling for help and are making you feel unwell, so you can become more conscious of them. Becoming aware, and allowing, often starts your journey to being well again - giving you choice to gradually release, whenever possible, the build-up of tension that is making you feel down. A course of Seiki sessions assists your self-regenerative movement to remain responsive and alert, so that both minor and core diseases can be resolved and transformed naturally.

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